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MRI Simmons provides insights on the American consumer via their surveys. It's a really powerful tool with thousands of data points, but it can be a bit tricky to use. The tutorials listed on this page will help you use MRI Simmons to access the attitudinal and behavioral data that you need. 

Note that as of Fall 2023, Simmons is in the process of moving from MRI Simmons Insights (1.0) to Catalyst (2.0). The data is the same but Catalyst provides some reports not available on Insight and the displays and interface are a bit different. 

When you log in to Simmons from here or from our database list, you'll be taken to the Catalyst platform but you can switch over to Insight by selecting "Launch 1.0" at the right side of the landing page: 

Catalyst Tutorial

For a tutorial on how to use the Catalyst platform, take a look at this guide from Marist University: How to Create a Crosstab in Catalyst

Simmons Video Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create and run a crosstab using the Simmons Insight (version 1.0) platform. 

Simmons Guide

You can find an Insight guide and video tutorials on this webpage from Ohio University Libraries: Simmons Insight Tips & Tricks

Citing Data from Simmons

Simmons should be cited as a dataset. In APA, this would look like:

Simmons Research LLC. (2017). Spring 2017 NHCS adult study 12-month [Data file]. Available from Simmons OneView database.