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Communication Studies

This guide serves as a gateway to resources related to communication and its various sub-divisions.

Finding Communication Articles

AU Library provides access to a variety of general and subject-specific databases that may be of use to communication researchers. These databases can be used to locate both scholarly articles - those written for and reviewed by experts in a related academic field - and popular articles - those created for a more general audience or by non-experts.  

Use the links below to browse the list of communication databases that best matches your need for articles:

Searching Databases

Utilize multiple fields, delimitors, and other advanced search features to narrow your searches.

Popular examples include the use of boolean terms (AND, OR, NOT), wildcards (* or ?), and quotes (").

This database search would look for articles that contain the phrase "social media" as well as at least one word starting with the root "communicat-" (e.g. "communication" or "communicate"), but would exclude articles written by authors named "McLuhan."

Popular Articles: Communication

Popular articles play an important role in the work of many communication scholars and professionals around the world. Such articles, which include those found in many newspapers, magazines, trade publications, and websites, are generally designed to capture, manipulate, and expand the public imagination.

Important examples include:

  • Book, film, & product reviews
  • Opinions & Editorials
  • Narratives & Interviews