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Communication Studies

This guide serves as a gateway to resources related to communication and its various sub-divisions.

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Getting Help: Reference Resources

Getting started with communication research can involve a number of different steps, including the collection of overview resources, facts and statistics, contact information, and how-to manuals.

This portion of the guide includes information about:

  • Encyclopedias & dictionaries for background information;
  • Bibliographies & Reports for introducing key texts or topics;
  • Handbooks & guides for practical how-to information;
  • Statistical resources for factual context;
  • Directories for gathering contact information.

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Encyclopedias and dictionaries are excellent resources for getting started with a research topic, as they are often written and edited by experts within a given subject area. Additionally, many encylopedias provide entries with references and links to more detailed print and electronic resources, for help with further study.

Here are a few examples of scholarly, communication-specific encyclopedias and dictionaries:

Bibliographies & Reports

Useful Websites

Free websites can be great places to go to get initial information on a research topic.