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Current Awareness & RSS Alerts-Keeping Your Research Up to Date

Learn about tools to keep your research current.

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Alerts Services & RSS Feeds

There is a wide range of current awareness services to keep you updated when new information is published in your area of interest. Once an account is set up, the information is pushed at a specified frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) via email or a RSS feed. Some services require an account to receive alerts.

Why set up an alert or feed?

Alerts and RSS feeds are useful for staying current. These are the main reasons why it's a good idea to get them set up to keep current with new research.
  • Current Awareness - These services can help you keep up with articles in your subject area of interest and the contents of newly published journals
  • Customized Content - Alert services allow you to control the information delivered, the amount of information and the regularity of received information
  • Time Management - Information is automatically delivered to you without rerunning the same search all the time
  • Organization - These services can help you to maintain a personal database in bibliographic management software, like EndNote Web

* This research guide is using Worcester Polytechnic University Library's  Current Awareness guide as a template. See