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International Studies

This guide lists American University Library databases and print resources, and free Web sites that are of use to the study and research of International Studies.

Why Save a Search?

There are advantages to saving a search.  They all involve the saving of time.

  • You can go back to your search results in the future and look through them at your leisure.

  • If you want to search multiple ProQuest and EBSCO databases at the same time, you do not have to select each of the databases everytime.

  • You can create an alert so that you will notified when a new title is covered by the database.  This way for long research projects, you do not have to search the same databases repeatedly.  You need to only search once and still be confident that you are up to date with the latest research.

Saving Your Search in ProQuest Databases (Video)

This video shows how to search two ProQuest databases at one time and save a search in ProQuest databases. (3:34)

Saving Your Search in ProQuest Databases (Screen Capture)

To save a search and create an alert in ProQuest databases, follow these simple steps.

1. Click on the Save Search link.

2. Create an account.  This account is completely separate from the American University and American University Library accounts.

And then Sign In.

3.  Give your search a Name.

4.  Click on My Research.

5.  Click on Searches.

6.  Click on Create Alert or Create RSS Feed to create your alert for that search.  You can create alerts for multiple searches.