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Request a Ballot by State

2020 Guide for how to request a mail in ballot

Request a Ballot - Mississippi

As of August 27, 2020

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Requesting a Ballot

  • If you are living at your permanent address and are not under quarantine, you will need to vote in person, so we recommend early voting.  You can vote in person at your county officials office up to the Saturday BEFORE the election:
  • Students who are living outside of their jurisdiction should be able to request a ballot by mail.
  • Individuals who are under doctor ordered quarantined related to COVID-19 or caretakers of those under doctor ordered quarantine may request an absentee ballot by selecting the category for temporary or permanent disability.
  • Forms: - not locatable on the Mississippi website and may not be able to be done before 9/19 – 45 days before the election: