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Request a Ballot by State

2022 Guide for how to request a mail in ballot

Request a Ballot - North Dakota

As of July 5, 2022

Voter ID Required:   If you do not have ID, can help:


  • There is no voter registration in North Dakota.  You apply for a ballot and include a copy of your ID.          

Requesting a Ballot

  • There is “no excuse” absentee ballot voting.
  • Forms:
  • On the vote by mail application you will need to enter a number for: A valid ND driver's license, ND non-driver ID, North Dakota tribal ID.  This ID must show your name, current address (not a PO Box), and date of birth is required.  If your ID does not show all of that, it can be supplemented by specified documents:  If you are military serving away from ND, you may include a current military ID or passport.