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Acquisitions Procedures: YBP


Firm Shelf Ready

The books are unpacked, assembled in invoice alphabetical order, and a copy of the invoice is given to Chris so that it can be uploaded.  The invoice is then given back to the Receiving Specialist with 'Loaded' written in the upper left hand corner.  Voyager Acquisitions is then opened and the invoice number is entered into the system.  The invoice will come up in the search box; after the invoice loads up go to 'My Computer' and load the 'Receiving Report'.  Double click on the (YBP Receiving Report) a prompt will come up for user name and password.  The query will then upload; match each title on the invoice and write the corresponding PO Number on the invoice.  Back in access double click on 'YBP' where a prompt will ask for user name and password again. Print the report and cut the resulting report into flags and place them inside of the books.  Highlight the flags according to the notes (i.e., Notify, Notify/Hold or Rush) and look up the invoice in Voyager Acquisitions to make sure the titles have been received.  Also make sure the total amount on the invoice matches what's in Voyager Acquisitions.  Place the books with flags on the correct shelves and the rest of the books without flags can be places on the Shelf Ready Films Cataloging Shelf, and the invoice should be signed and placed in the Receiving Coordinators 'Invoice Box'.

The workflow for these orders can be found at

I:\AU Technical Services Department\Acquisitions Unit\Yankee Book Peddler\YBP Firms Shelf Ready EDI Receiving Workflow.docx

Firm Non-Shelf Ready

Unpack the books, assemble them in invoice alphabetical order, and pull the PO from the YBP/Coutts PO file.  Pay close attention to the notes written on the order in case the order needs a (Notify, Notify/Hold, Rush Flag).  Then open Voyager Acquisitions Module and click on 'New Invoice'; create the 'New Invoice' and put all the invoice information in the invoice as it is on the invoice in hand and save the invoice.  Check the items to make sure that they match what's on the invoice and then receive the books.

The workflow for these orders can be found at

I:\AU Technical Services Department\Acquisitions Unit\Yankee Book Peddler\YBP(Yankee Book Peddler) Firm Order Receiving Workflow.docx





Publisher Packages

Children's Award Books

AU Library has an approval plan with Yankee Book Peddlar for children's books that have won specific awards throughout the year. The plan is called "Best Books for Young Adults" at YBP. Books are received as they are released and cataloged for the CMC. Duplicates are accepted & are cataloged as added copies.

A list of the awards and the specific workflow can be found here: I:\AU Technical Services Department\Acquisitions Unit\Yankee Book Peddler\Children's Literature Approval Plan