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Acquisitions Procedures: Bindery


AU uses HF Group (NC location) for commercial binding.  The basic process is as follows:

  • Journals are pulled according to binding instructions (bind 1 volume, bind 6 months, etc.).
  • Bindable unit details are entered into the ABLE program ( JAVA is required for ABLE...
  • Items are picked up every four weeks.
  • Periodicals destined for WRLC are delivererd to WRLC by HF Group after binding.
  • Art periodicals and a select few others are returned to AU, along with music items, monographs and any straggling print theses.

Detailed information regarding the bindery process may be found here: I:\AU Technical Services Department\Acquisitions Unit\Bindery. Print versions of the ABLE manual and the bindery manual may be found on the Processing and Serials Specialist's or Assistant's desk.

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