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Acquisitions Procedures: Processing

Processing (including Rush Items, Supplies, Vger Spin, and Helpful Links - see below)

The Processing department (staffed M-F) applies bookplates, security strips, book stamps and spine labels for new acquisitions: general, reference, reserves, holds/hold-notifies, ILL rush, partner collections, gift books and board games. Laminate is applied to incoming Reserves books. Book jackets on art books are retained and covered.

Processing also relabels currently circulating books (delivered by Circ and checked out to the AU Spine account) and "de-refs" physical markings on books being moved from reference to stacks.

Detailed workflows can be found at the following address: I:\AU Technical Services Department\Acquisitions Unit\Processing. This also includes information about Vger Spin, the spine label program and various preservation issues.

A Processing manual can also be found on the Processing student's desk; this includes diagrams for preservation work, as well.


Rush items: Reserves, rush ILL/CLS and hold-notify books get processed within 24 hours after Cataloging places them on the Processing Rush cart (late Friday deliveries may be delayed until Monday). This time frame will be subject to change if Tech Services is moved off the main campus. Rush reserve books get an additional laminate coating for extended shelf life!

Processing Supplies

The Processing specialist monitors and orders supplies as needed (pambinds, 4-flaps, buckram for pockets, book tape, archival tape, etc.). If you need processing on an item outside the usual University acquisitions formats, please give Processing advance notice in case less typical supplies are needed.

What IS Vger Spin?

No, it is NOT Voyager spelled incorrectly. It is the spine label progam we use to pull information from Voyager. If you have questions and want a very techie answer, you can email its creator, Gary Strawn (Gary L Strawn <>). The Processing folder on the i-drive contains some information (please wade through this before contacting Mr. Strawn).

If you need to change the font size on a spine label to accomodate a longer call number, information can be found by clicking the VgerSpin INIs icon on the Processing student's computer.

Helpful Processing Links