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Acquisitions Procedures: To do list

Workflows to do

2.  Ebook matrix - done (CMH)

3.  Media workflow - In Progress (Media Acq workflow updated to reflect switch to paperless. -6/26/14 cmh)

5. RMAD - In Progress

e-book picking a vendor matrix 
Coutts print purchase on demand (DONE. -cmh)

Coutts e-preferred approvals (DONE. -cmh)
Coutts electronic patron driven (DONE, but we will have to update this to include overlay info once that is a thing.- cmh)
MS Acess queries - questions to ask to be able to craft a report 
myilibrary withdrawals  (DONE. -cmh)
dealing with Midwest tapes (DONE. -cmh)
paperless RMAD (DONE [media] -cmh)
ebook credit card orders


Ideas for inclusion in libguide

1.  RSS feeds of budget reports

2. Auto notify system

3. Do we want some sort of timeline of projects? To have a history of what we have accomplished?

Pages to include

  1. Budget
  2. Flags and Shelving
  3. Copy cataloging
  4. Priority Cataloging Requests
  5. ILL requests to Acq
  6. Finding a book within Acq - In Progress