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Acquisitions Procedures: Media


Media orders are tracked using an Access database known as R-MAD. The database lives here: I:\Information Delivery Services\Reserves-Acquisitions DB

Media requests are entered into the database and the entire acquisition, tech check and invoicing process is tracked. This enables anyone to check where a request is in the process.

The Acquisitions workflow lives here: I:\AU Technical Services Department\Acquisitions Unit\Media.

Amazon is our primary credit card media vendor. (In fact, they are our primary media vendor in general, at least as far as popular titles are concerned.)

Both Stacey and Alexandra have accounts, and either one of them can place an order once a PO is created. When working on Amazon requests in RMAD, fill in the necessary information for each title worked on (PO #, OCLC #) and paste the Amazon URL for the title into the "Notes" field in the RMAD request. As you add each title to the PO, change the status in RMAD to "To Order--Stacey" (or "To Order--Alexandra"). Then email them and let them know there are titles in their queue. Save and close the PO, but don't approve it--the cardholder will do this.

Midwest Tapes and other Secondary Vendors

In addition to Amazon, we also purchase popular titles from a few other vendors--mainly Midwest Tapes, and occasionally from Deep Discount DVD or Movies Unlimited. Midwest accepts POs, which means that the specialist can place orders directly, without having to pass the POs on for approval and purchasing as s/he does for credit card orders.

Midwest is like a media version of Coutts Ingram or Yankee Book Peddler. They cater to libraries and offer a number of services similar to the major book vendors: EOD/EDI ordering and invoicing; MARC records, processing; cataloging; standing orders, etc. And while we do not subscribe to any of these services (we get our records from OCLC, for instance), their web interface is still enormously useful in the searching process: They provide such information as OCLC # (which almost always corresponds to the best OCLC record available); UPC (standard number); publisher #; and ISBN, all of which are searchable fields in OCLC Connexion.

Making purchases from Midwest is very straightforward. Their web interface offers a number of ways to search for something, and also clearly states when a product is unavailable or out of print. When you find the correct title, simply enter the desired quantity, select a fund code from the dropdown menu, and add it to your cart. When you are ready to check out, create your PO in Voyager, update your shopping cart with the PO #, and check out. You will receive an email confirmation. It is a completely paperless process.

When working with Midwest titles in RMAD, simply switch the status from "For Purchase" to "Ordered" once you have received email confirmation.