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Resource Description Procedures & Guidelines: Spring Valley Building

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Spring Valley Building Address

Best to use for USPS
4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Spring Valley Building - Room 148
Washington, DC 20016-8040
Best to use for UPS and FedEx
4801 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Library Tech Services
1st Floor, Room 148
Washington, DC 20016

Spring Valley Building

Per Michelle Eller:

Write WRLC at

If you just ATTN yourself, when they send the book via courier, we'll throw it in a green bin for you.

This way the work order isn't on our book and it doesn't keep popping up in our pull list when we print it. 

When the toter is 3/4 FULL, alert someone in Cataloging. Support Services must be contacted to empty it and it will take 5-10 days.

Go to the PORTAL.


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Text for Step 2 (contact info goes on the following page so is not needed here):

Empty and recycle toter of books (and return toter)

Our toter of books is full and needs to be recycled. It can be reached through our back door at the end of the corridor where the back lobby bathrooms are. It will be marked: Support Services: Books to be recycled.
Thank you!

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  • Tape a sign on the toter (print attached document)
  • Write the service request tracking number on the sign (example below)