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Resource Description Procedures & Guidelines: Games

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Cataloging Board Games

Original Cataloging

Although records for some board games do exist in OCLC Connexion, they are not always available; in this case, derive a record from one the of the following RDA records in Connexion to use as a blueprint when original cataloging board games:

  • #861511494
  • #971616293
  • #971892764

Copy Cataloging

Bibliographic Record

When copy cataloging board games, many of the same rules apply as when copy cataloging monographs- specifically, always search OCLC Connexion for a recently updated record, or for a better record.

The instructions below will highlight some things to look out for when cataloging board games:


Type of record should say “r” to signify that the record is describing a three-dimensional artifact.


2. 008 | General description, visual

Running time should equal “nnn” signifying Not applicable.

Type of material should equal “g” for game.


3. 024 | Standard Identifier

Most board games have a UPC Code consisting of 12 digits. Corroborate what is physically on the board game with what is in the 024 field. A number 1 in the 1st indicator signifies it is a UPC Code (12 digits); a number 8 in the 1st indicator signifies an unspecified standard identifier, usually a barcode that is more or less than 12 digits.


4. 099 | Local Call Number

Add an 099 field (second indicator is “9”) with the call number AUGAME; the Reserves desk will add a specific number when they finish processing the board game.

099 _9 ‡a AUGAME


5. 100 | Main Entry

If the board game has a primary game designer (usually listed on the front cover of the game, ex. Yusuke Sato's don't mess with Cthulhu), they should be included as a main entry.


6. 245 | Title and statement of responsibility

The title (subfield ‡a) is preferable derived from the cover of the board game. If the title of the game is slightly different in the guidebook, spine, etc., add this second title in a 246 field.


The statement of responsibility (subfield ‡c) for board games is often the game designer and/or game creator(s). The exact wording should be taken from the board game itself, either on the container or in the rules book.


7. 300 | Physical description

300 __ ‡a 1 game (list all pieces) : ‡b material types, color, ‡c in box l x w x h cm



300 __ ‡a 1 game (1 rules book, 30 investigation cards, 16 insanity tokens, 6 character tokens, 1 active player marker) : ‡b cardboard, paper, color ; ‡c in box 15 x 11 x 3 cm.

300 __ ‡a 1 game (1 rules book, 90 cards, 1 timer) : ‡b cardboard, paper, plastic, color ; ‡c in box 13 x 21 x 4 cm.


8. 336, 337, 338 | Content, Media, and Carrier Types

336 __ ‡a three-dimensional form ‡b tdf ‡2 rdacontent

337 __ ‡a unmediated ‡b n ‡2 rdamedia

338 __ ‡a other ‡b nz ‡2 rdacarrier


If the game is solely one item (ex. Catchphrase), the 338 field can list a term for an unmediated carrier like the example below (see RDA for a full list of carrier terms):


338__ ‡a object ‡b nr ‡2 rdacarrier


9. 340 | Physical medium

Subfield ‡a lists all of the materials in field 300 subfield ‡b. Subfield ‡b lists the measurements in field 300 subfield ‡c.



340 __ ‡a cardboard ‡a paper ‡a plastic ‡b 13 x 21 x 4 cm ‡2 rda

340 __ ‡a cardboard ‡a paper ‡b 15 x 11 x 3 cm ‡2 rda


10. 500 | Title from…

Include a 500 statement clarifying where the title in the 245 field is derived from.

500 __ ‡a  Title from container.

500 __ ‡a  Title from rules book.


11. 500 | Number of players

If included in the game (either on the container or in the rules book), include the number of players in a 500 field.

500 __ ‡a For 2-7 players.


12. 500 | Game duration

If included in the game (either on the container or in the rules book), include the average duration of the game in a 500 field.

500 __ ‡a Duration of play: 30 minutes.


13. 508 | Creation/Production credits note

This field lists relevant contributors not already mentioned in the statement of responsibility (field 245, subfield c). Any persons listed in this field should also be included in 700 fields.


508 __ ‡a Illustrator: Brandt Peters ; graphic design: Luis Francisco, Stephanie Gustafsson.

700 1_ ‡a Peters, Brandt, ‡e illustrator.

700 1_ ‡a Francisco, Luis, ‡e designer.

700 1_ ‡a Gustafsson, Stephanie, ‡e designer.


14. 520 | Objective of the game

If included in the game (either on the container or in the rules book), include either a description or the objective of the game in the 520 field.

520 __ ‡a "In this asymmetric cooperative game, one player adopts the role of the ghost and the others play as psychics. All players share the same goal of shedding light on the strange circumstances surrounding the ghost's death and laying his spirit to rest at last. Unable to speak, the ghost attempts to communicate by sending visions to the gathered psychics, who will be ble to reconstruct the events of the fateful evening by correctly interpreting these ethereal messages. Cooperation and inspired guesswork will facilitate their task of unmasking the culprit."


15. 521 | Target Audience note

If included in the game (either on the container or in the rules book), include the age of the target audience; a number “1” in the first indicator signifies the interest age level (as opposed to grade, etc.)

521 1_ ‡a Ages 10 and up.


16. 650 | Topical Subject

Because the Library of Congress genre terms are limited when it comes to board games (see #16 below), I’d recommend adding relevant 650 fields regarding games if they are not already included in the record.



650 _0 ‡a Games.

650 _0 ‡a Board games.

650 _0 ‡a Card games.


17. 655 | Genre/Form

Add the following genre term if it is not already included in the record:

655 _7 ‡a Puzzles and games. ‡2 lcgft


18. 957 | Thumbnail URL

In Alma, add a thumbnail image from Board Game Geek, Wikipedia, or Game Stop to a local 957__$$u. See instructions for finding URLs.



Holdings Record

The holdings record should have the following location and information; the Reserves desk will add a specific number when they finish processing the board game.

852 8_ ‡b auzw ‡h AUGAME

Item Record

The item record should have a permanent location of “auzw” and a loan period of three days. Do NOT place the barcode on the container. Attach a barcode with tape or a paper clip; the Reserves desk will add the barcode to the board game’s assigned bag when they process the item.

July 2017


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