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Resource Description Procedures & Guidelines: Serial Adds

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Adding Serial Items

Look the record up by call # -- the book should have the call number written on the title page by Acquisitions. Usually a color-coded slip will have been inserted by Acquisitions. These are instructions to Reference, but we should take note as well to ascertain that the slip and the holdings note in the record coincide.


Check that the record is current with the most recent OCLC copy.

Check the title against the record and scan 500 fields for relevant notes.

Holdings record

a. Make sure the volume info in the 866 should is accurate and corresponds to the items attached. If the information does NOT match, investigate why it doesn’t. If the problem is with older volumes, insert a note.





b. The 852 should correspond to the Acquisitions slip in the book: “Library keeps latest only,” etc.  (See first illustration.)

c. Note – If the slip says, “Latest only on reference,” there will be no 866.

Get Items – Scan the list of items

a. Make certain the book/s being added fit in. E.g. the list goes from 1995-2010 and you are adding the 2011. If the list went from 1962-1980, you would know you had the wrong record. If there is an anomaly, such as you are adding the 2011 edition and we only have items for 1962-2010, consult with Acq. (or look in the Acq. Module) to determine why the volume is missing. If the book was never received, make a note in the holdings record.

b. Make certain the items are sequenced accurately. E.g. the list should read 2008, 2009, 2010 not 2008, 2010, 2009. If the sequence is wrong, fix it.

c. Note what is (or isn’t) in the Enum and Chron fields, because the same pattern should be followed in the item record for the book to be added. Below is a good example of the pattern NOT being followed:

  • Close out the item list.

  • Choose “New Item”

  • Scan barcode

  • Enter necessary info in the Enum and Chron fields, using the information Acquisitions or Serials has written on the title page.

  • Set Permanent Location and Item type info.

  • Save and close Item record.

  • “Get Items” again to make sure that the record was saved and that the information is accurate.

Reference Holding Statements

  • Library keeps latest edition only

  • Latest edition only in Reference

  • Latest edition only in Reference Stacks; earlier editions in AU Library Stacks.

  • Latest edition only in Reference; winter issue from previous years in AU Library Stacks.

  • Latest weekly and annual edition only in Reference; Annual issue from previous years in AU Library Stacks.

  • For computer disk, ask at Reference Desk

WRLC holdings statements need to be closed.
Library stacks holdings statements need to be closed.

  • Use edition instead of volume

  • Use AU Library Stacks instead of “general stacks”

  • Notes in 852

  • Holdings in 866

This doesn’t quite fit here but needs to be somewhere — ‡z Some volumes have individual titles and are cataloged separately. For circ. status, see individual titles.

‡z Volumes have individual titles and are cataloged separately. To see a list of all held titles perform a title search for “New directions for higher education”