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Resource Description Procedures & Guidelines: Popular Fiction

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Popular Fiction

New Titles

1. Books will be placed on B&T New (Acq to Cat) shelf.

2. Search for the title in Voyager. If we already have a copy in the system or are expecting one to arrive, add the popular fiction title in hand to this record. If there is not a record in Voyager, download one from OCLC. Do NOT update our holdings in OCLC.

3. Add the popular fiction call number in the 099 _ 9 field. The call # is generally the first letter of the author’s last name (if it happens to be incorrect, use it anyway – do we want to revisit this?) and will already be on the spine label. Do not write the call # on the title page.

5. Create holdings record – if there is already a holdings record for an approval or firm title, do not use it. Create a new one for the popfic title:

6. Create an item record. Choose “regular loan.” Make sure holdings and item locations match, “aurpf.”

7. After cataloging, bring the books to Stacey Marien.

8. For statistics, keep a separate line for Popular Fiction New. Since we do not actually own the book and will likely return it, these are not being added to the library’s volume count.



1. Once books have been identified by Stacey Marien for retention, or return, they will be placed on the respective shelves: B&T Keeps (Acq to Cat) or B&T Returns (Acq to Cat).

2. Returns: delete holdings and item record

3. The removed items are not counted as withdrawals because they were not added to the volume count. Keep a separate line, Popular Fiction Returns.

4. Place books on B&T Returns (Cat to Acq) shelf or deliver directly to Stacey.


Titles added to collection

1. If the popular fiction book is the only copy we have, delete the 099 call # field and copy catalog the record thoroughly. If we already have a copy, just delete the 099.

6. Update holdings in OCLC as needed.

7. In the holdings record enter LC call number, change location code from “aurpf” to “auc”. Change the first indicator in the 852 to 0.

8. In the item record change permanent location to “auc.”

9. Put on the general collection shelf for processing.

10. For statistics, (keep a separate line Popular Fiction Keeps, which can later be added to copy cataloging total for main stats sheet).