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Resource Description Procedures & Guidelines: Gift Books and Funds

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Gift books, funds, etc.

Use a local 961 field for all of the following types of gift notes:

  • Individual donations
961 _ _ $a American University copy: gift of Neil and Ann Kerwin.

961 _ _ $a American University copy: gift of Artemas Martin.
  • Lee Somers
961 _ _ $a This book purchased for The American University through a bequest by Lee Somers, M.C.S. 1922, Ph.D. 1926, and Pauline Floyd Somers, LL.B. 1918.
  • Honor With books
961 _ _ $a American University Honor with Books: This book is given in honor of Tricialee Friedman.
  • Class of 1932’s Endowed Library Fund
961 _ _ $a This resource is brought to you by the Class of 1932's Endowed Library Fund.
  • Other “Purchased for” notes

In the item record, add a Provenance designation of “Gift” and an Internal Note denoting the type of gift.