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Resource Description Procedures & Guidelines: Art History Digital Capstones

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Cataloging Art History Digital Capstones

Samuel Sadow at VRC sends information including:

  • URL
  • Name
  • Department
  • Program
  • Advisor
  • Second reader
  • Major
  • Degree

Archives creates web archival versions of the capstones

Resource description catalogs the capstones

Catalog as a regular website in Connexion, add holdings for AU

As with ETDs, do not generally create NARs for the authors

Include the following notes:

  • 500 _ _ Digital exhibition.
  • 500 _ _ Advisor: [advisor name] ; Second reader: [second reader name].
  • 500 _ _ Department: [department] ; Program: [program] ; Major: [major].
  • 502 _ _ ǂb M.A. ǂc American University (Washington, D.C.) ǂd [year]

Include 7XX headings for:

  • Advisor, with relator term “degree supervisor”
  • Second reader, with relator term “degree committee member”
  • 710 2 _ American University (Washington, D.C.), ǂe degree granting institution.

Include 2 856 fields:

  • 856 4 0 ǂu
    • Second indicator 0 for the original resource
  • 856 4 1 ǂu
    • Second indicator 1 for the archived resource

Once exported to Alma, in Alma choose Resources>Create Inventory>Add Local Portfolio

Select the bibliographic record for the resource

Under “General Information,” select “Part of an electronic collection” and select the “Art History Digital Capstones” collection

Add the URL for the capstone

Select Electronic material type: “website”

Add public note: “Digital Capstone”

Repeat the process to create a second portfolio, with the URL for the archived website and the public note “Archived Digital Capstone”