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Resource Description Procedures & Guidelines: Faculty Research Collection

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The Faculty Research Collection needs cleanup.

  • What can be accomplished in batch? Aaron has added a module we need for exporting the records from Islandora. 
  • Objects are continuously being added via Simple Workflow (Chris Lewis and his Student Assistants), so this will need to be factored into the cleanup effort. 

'Simple' Workflow

The queue for items pending review before being added to the repository is here:

For each object, 

Click the title, click manage and open in another tab, click datastreams and edit on the MODs. Edit using the AU Institutional Repository MODS Form

  • Check accuracy of the title.
  • Check author name (prefer LC Name Authority form; if none, use the form that appears on their AU profile).
  • Confirm at least 1 LC subject heading.
  • Look at the abstract, if there is one (sometimes spacing is off as a result of copying from the pdf-- you can go into word and find/replace the blank extra-wide space characters and re-copy into the field).

Once satisfied, update the record and return to the queue where you can check the box next to the title and select "publish selected" at the bottom.